Eighty old people were abandoned by his son, Hubei Daye police arrested filial children

Wang Lao Tai son and three sons of the truth
(Million new strong Li Cui) hard to pull the three sons, but in the old was pushed by their sons and pushed, and ultimately abandoned in the threshing floor. Daye police intervention, according to the law on the old man abandoned the two sons to be detained. Wang Lao Tai 80 years old, Daye Luo Bridge Street Office Village Bridge farmers. Hard life, she and his wife to three sons and two daughters pulled up, married. In the case of the body fairly tough, she and his wife has been an independent life. After the death of his wife in 2011, Wang Lao Tai body followed each day, so that life can not take care of themselves. But three sons are reluctant to support the elderly alone. In the village cadres and family elders under the coordination of the three brothers reached an agreement: by the eldest son to take care of the elderly, second son and three sons per month to pay 600 yuan living expenses. However, the agreement reached more than two months later, the three sons because of the existence of homestead disputes with the eldest son refused to pay support. 18 morning, under the anger of the eldest son called the 70-year-old uncle Wang dad, the car to Wang Lao Tai sent to the door of the three sons. Three sons home, the couple also drove the uncle and Wang Lao Tai sent back to the big brother home. But no one brother at home, the phone nowhere, three sons even to the two old people left in the village of the threshing floor to leave. Old and weak sister was pushed by two nephew sent, Wang dad anger alarm for help. Daye City Public Security Bureau Luoqiao police station deputy director Chen Mao silver arrived at the scene, the Wang Laotai brother brother sent back to Wang daddy home. Subsequently, the police informed the brothers three to the police station to accept the investigation. Wang Lao Tai long son and three sons of the truth, but is not willing to take Wang Lao Tai home. In the afternoon, on suspicion of abandonment of independent living ability of the dependents, Luo Bridge police station according to the two law and order detention for five days. 19 morning, the police handling the case will be the second son to work outside the notice to the police station, with the village cadres to do the work of the second couple, the second son of Wang immediately promised to take home immediately to support.

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