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With the life of light mountain village - remember Fujian Gutian County Zhuang village Party branch secretary Zhou Bingyao he called Zhou Bingyao
The original title: with the life of light mountain village - remember Fujian Gutian County Zhuangli village Party branch secretary Zhou Bingyao he called Zhou Bingyao, Fujian Gutian County Zhuo Yangxiang village party secretary, the village and young people called him "Yao Aberdeen", called For decades. September 15 this year, the Mid-Autumn Festival, when the villagers finally called the name of the last time, heaven and earth with tears! That morning, super typhoon "Morandi" landing in Fujian, attack the village. In order to protect the safety of life and property of the villagers, Zhou Bingyao decided to travel into the raging stream struggling to survive, unfortunately, was swept away by the flood, gave a 45-year-old young life. More than 100 villagers heard the news, in the storms chasing the raging stream, frantically rushed to the stormy valley to find Zhou Bingyao. Find the next 5 km, facing Zhou Bingyao scarred body cold body, issued a voice piercing the last cry: "Yao Tsai! -" memorial service that day, the village of young and old to go to Gutian County funeral home , See the last side of Yaozi; dozens of migrant workers from all over the country back to their hometown, send Yaozi last way. ... ... "I have not seen Yao Ya such a good person," "the more the better the party members" ... ... villagers express endless memories. Zhou Bingyao simple and honest smile to become family and the villagers forever memories (Zhou Bingyao family to provide). Family watch - "a village is a family" village is located in the northeast of Fujian mountainous area. Since the autumn of the typhoon hit one after another, resulting in village road block, after several diversion, the reporter to enter. A mountain road, filled with Zhou Bingyao and folks of the affection. Zhou Bingyao clever, handsome, hardworking, will install color steel tile, understand water and electricity technology. In addition to rely on good technology Lanhuo subsidy home, many years ago to buy a Taiwanese tricycle, farm busy, in the neighborhood of eight rural La La guests, running transport, earn some live money. Often out of the car, encountered village village folks, must piggyback, even people with goods, do not accept the text. "A village is a family, I can not earn folks a penny." Zhou Bingyao said so. In rural China, remote areas are often associated with poverty, village is no exception. "When the child, the family is poor, there is meat, the father always let us eat, he only used chopsticks dipped in broth ... ..." Zhou Bingyao son Zhou Mingcan memories. Take the family, Zhou Bingyao is the first major event after adulthood. Village mountain barren, people do more days, survive difficult. 20 years ago, Zhou Bingyao also left the village and loved ones, went to work in Shenzhen, went to Beijing to sell mushrooms Tremella, ran Nanping done decoration ... ... old parents, sick wife, young children, hometown of grass Wood let him let go, soon, and back to the depths of the mountains. Rugged mountain road, leaving Zhou Bingyao hard work rushing figure, but also sent away one by one to go abroad dream sister brothers. After a pair of his children read junior high school, one went to the northeast to work, a distant Hainan to make a living. Can be able to run out of the ability of Zhou Bingyao, always stay in the mountains, watching a little sparse village. "One year, I went to Chengde from the northeast to work, called my father told me to go to Beijing to see.He said, Fragrant Hill and Badaling Great Wall is fun, and taught me to take the bus which he spent in Beijing is very short , Leave almost 20 years, and remember so clearly. "Zhou Mingcan said. Zhou Bingyao in the relics, he was in Beijing Tiananmen Square, the National Palace took a few photos. In his family's old house drawer, the reporter accidentally found his saved in Beijing in 1995 for the bus monthly ticket, set with red, close to the photo, covered with blue India, brand new as ... ... Zhou Pingyao home in the old house drawer , The reporter accidentally found his saved in 1995 in Beijing for the bus monthly ticket. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liao Yi Zhou Bingyao's father Zhou new cabinet, done a few decades village cadres, concerned about the village construction. Affected by it, Zhou Bingyao kind words, helpful, enthusiastic collective. This house is very heartless in the village. 75-year-old party secretary Zhou Ningde fancy Zhou Bingyao, made his introduction to the party. In January 2001, Zhou Bingyao joined the party. In 2009, was elected as the village party branch secretary. That year he was 38 years old. Shoulder Responsibility - "the party who want to listen to the party" into the woman in the town village, the whole village cement road connectivity, the farm track leading to the village terraces, flows through the village repaired the concrete slope protection Creek woman in the town, each each Household use of tap water, 3-storey elderly activity center is very popular ... ... the villagers told reporters that this is Yao Zi led everyone to dry. One planted edible fungus greenhouses dotted in the village after the village house, hillside valley, become a scene. The villagers said that this is Yao Zi's efforts. Served as the village party secretary that day, led the villagers out of poverty, become his mission and play. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the year was written in Ningde's "out of poverty," a book, he read many times, on his desk. Zhuang village more people less days, rely on farming is difficult to get out of poverty, Zhou Bingyao mobilized folks mushrooms, white fungus. Gutian is the country's famous mushroom town, no one in the past lead, the village bacteria are few, Zhou Bingyao is one of them. "I planted ten thousand tubes last year, earn a lot of it, you do it, I teach you, I can not help you money." Zhou Bingyao door to door to do the work. Villagers Liu Changzhong go out to work, his hands back home. Zhou Bingyao lent him 30,000 yuan built a mushroom shed. From the sail to the sowing, sterilization, harvest, until the sale, Zhou Bingyao to provide "one stop" to help. Liu Changzhong put into operation twenty thousand mushroom barrel, earned more than 60,000 yuan. Now, the village of 124 people, nearly 80 species on the mushrooms, white fungus. 2009 Zhou Bingyao took office when the village per capita income is only 3480 yuan, 2015 to reach 1.28 million yuan, more than the township per capita income, the villagers gradually out of poverty. Poverty and backward village village, put on the "county advanced grassroots party organizations," "civilized village" plaque. "No money home hard!" Zhou Bingyao partner, the village committee director Liu Chang said that there is no village village village enterprises, collective income is zero, it is difficult to work. As the village road narrow, large trucks do not come, affecting the business to the village acquisition of mushrooms. Expansion road, road is imminent. In the second half of 2014, Zhou Bingyao again and again with the village cadres to the county to run the project, raise funds. Finally, the poor money, he only for his son to do the marriage of 30,000 yuan pad into the. The village every one to do a public project, almost all Zhou Bingyao launched village cadres first money, he has always been the first dig, and dig up the most. Repair water projects, in order to save money, he took the village cadres to 10 km outside the water trench buried. He never wait to rely on, just want to hurry to do things, so that the villagers benefit. "Collective money, he was not willing to spend a minute to go to the county to run the project, to the funds, oil costs are their own dig, never spent time subsidies, eat a bowl of grass soup plus rice ... ..." Liu long memories. Zhou Bingyao left, the rural credit cooperatives came home, all, including his family know that he owed a 60,000 yuan loan. "He is rather cut his own flesh, but also the province of public rice." Liu said the old business. "Party members are party people, we must listen to the party, with the party." Zhou Bingyao said. In his heart, listen to the party, is for the people to do things, help the people out of poverty, this is his mission. September 17, standing in the place where Zhou Bingyao fell into the water, the villagers Zhang Huazhong pointed to the river washed away the river recalls the danger. Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Pengfei "full-time" secretary - "take care of the whole village," "always with a smile, talk and gas" "never seen him angry" "who find him will not refuse" Villagers describe Zhou Bingyao. Zhang Qiaoming more than once interviewed by reporters, each time more than tears. 2014 Lunar New Year in June, she was born four months of her daughter because of pneumonia fever, more than midnight to find Zhou Bingyao. Zhou Bingyao apart from anything else from the bed to get up, drove the mother and daughter will be sent to Gutian County Hospital, not handled, and drove more than 3 hours straight to the Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, to help after registration, arrange hospitalization, and pad thousands Yuan medical expenses ... ... "and so arranged, the days are bright." Zhang Qiaoming said. After more than two months time, the child repeatedly appeared again and again, Zhou Bingyao sent Fuzhou as many as seven or eight times. "After he was sent to Fuzhou, he would say, when told to tell me, I'll pick you up. Give him petrol money, never received ... ..." Once, Zhang Qiaoming home mushroom tube broken, repaired and sent back is 9pm. Gupeng her home in the mountains, the husband is sick, when thousands of Zhengchou how to get up the mountain mushroom barrel, Zhou Bingyao saw, quickly called the village director, a dark Tam Tam helped to pick up the hill. "One hundred kilos heavy burden, not to mention his own bad back, sometimes pain can not get out of bed. After the pick, I cooked peanut soup make them drink at home, they did not have to go back ......" "take care of him Is not our family, is the village. "Village migrant workers to pay health insurance are to find Zhou Bingyao, he took the trouble to year after year, again and again to help charge d'affaires, some left-behind family electricity also by his behalf; winter, villagers home water , In order to make more than 70 elderly people in the village is not alone, he launched the village two committees to build the elderly cultural activities center, festivals, ready to gift , Every time the rainy day, or the weekend, he drove to 3 km away from the township center primary school, the village children to take home safely; mushrooms, white fungus busy season, in order not to mistake the season, let Everyone saved labor costs, he organized the village people take turns to help workers, he was a family to help; ... ... 2011, Zhou Bingyao with 28,000 yuan to buy a BYD hand, this car has become a village of "official car", "ambulance", "school bus" as was the Taiwan agricultural tricycle that year, he became the driver of the whole village. "The village had no money, work hard, we understand that no one is to blame. When the road, my husband and elderly neighbors spontaneously help repair the foundation, we are very united, resistance effort." Zhangqiao Ming said. Far away in Anhui Hefei working Liu Changfeng, all the way back to his hometown farewell Zhou Bingyao. "Every time he passed my house, will go in and sit and ask my father what things need help, but also often use WeChat told me the situation at home, let me rest assured that every time home, more luggage, once all know come and take my own back, he said, why not call me ...... "this intimate, in-depth bone marrow, flesh and blood;.? the family, warm village, rallying public support. For three consecutive years, he was elected village branch secretary. Vowed silent - "my responsibility, must go" Zhou Bingyao the final back (villagers Zhang Huazhong provided). Zhou Bingyao live in the house is located in the river, is working outside the brother Zhou Bingquan built many years ago. Zhou Bingyao a family has been living in the air leakage of the old house, Zhou Bingquan could not stand, the house half to sell half to give his brother. Lived for 7 years, upstairs has not been renovated; roof rooftop leaking, and has been left. Because no money, no time. Zhou Bingyao's wife Liu Dongju suffering from pituitary disorder, frail, the basic loss of labor capacity. Busy week, Zhou Bingyao have to go home to cook, do housework, take care of their own mushroom shed, have to squeeze time to work, for people to install color steel tile ... ... Zhou Bingyao has been part-time village party secretary, monthly salary of 1,200 yuan, Family pressure is greater than ordinary people. Zhou Bingyao left, immersed in the grief of the family, recalled Zhou Bingyao, are beautiful and warm. "And he married for more than 20 years, we have never had a quarrel and complain, has been to take care of me, at night to her Gua .In October last year, his lumbar discs, pain barking, a week out of no, I help him Rubbing. "Liu Dongju said. "Every time you come back, my father do not let me dry, even the bowls do not let me wash, that you work hard in her husband, come back to a good rest." Daughter Zhou Qiaolan last home, with a cell phone quietly recorded a father Wash the back of the dish, which is the last image of her father in memory. "Three or four years ago, autumn cold, mine live more, busy, but he went to Liaoning to help me pull the stone, dry for a whole month. This is my father last time out." The Zhou Bingyao (right four) old photos (Zhou Bingyao family to provide). Let Zhou Bingyao the most disturbing thing because no money, pad the money to the village has been reported not to come back, his son for many years, granddaughter were born, did not re-wedding, feel sorry for children. His biggest wish is to take his wife to sit motor car and plane, to Xiamen to see, because she farthest only to Ningde ... ... "He usually very provincial, out of pocket will be installed hundreds of dollars, people need to Digging to others, my heart only filled the village, at home to eat, often eat half put down the chopsticks away, because someone was looking for him to work. "Liu Dongju said," We all understand him, will not complain. "September 14 Late, the children called to greet the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, which is their last call with his father. A few hours later, on the 15th morning, super typhoon "Morandi" landing, storm hit the village village. 5 o'clock in the morning, Zhou Bingyao get up early, put on a raincoat, such as heavy rain in the rain with the village committee together, a patrol, a family told. Zhou Bingyao work carefully, in accordance with the spirit of higher-level flood control work conference, plan, deployment, investigation, transfer ... ... do do several times, he still do not worry. Narrowly Zhuangli Creek, became the only rainstorm exports, streams sandwiched with sand and a variety of debris slumped down. Rushed to the village of a bridge hole, debris blockage, the river suddenly skyrocketed, over the bridge nearly 1 meter, endangering the nearby 7 civil structure of the house. Zhou Bingyao seeing immediately wandering in the past, ruthlessly remove the bamboo bridge blocking the bridge hole. Bamboo pole loose, and clear the flow of water instantly accelerated, blink of an eye, "cyclone" like Zhou Bingyao strong dragged into, swallowed, swept away ... ... this scene, fast no response, no sound! His wife Liu Dongju 's heart, has been playing with her husband when the last dialogue - "rain so big, I told him, do not go out he said, I am in this position, is my responsibility, must go. September 17, the reporter went to Zhuo Yang Village Village, the village is still under the rain. Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Pengfei stone bridge across the brook, the stream has long been down, all attributed to calm ... ... reporter to find Zhou Bingyao martial arts office. At that time, from that day the past two weeks. Zhuang Li water holding the typhoon after the foliage, flows through the slab under the bridge hole, shed their feet. Follow the stream overlooking the mountains, silent and heroic scenes reminding us of scenes, the villagers Zhou Baiyao last call to reproduce the ear. A voice call, from the heart, the sound of heaven and earth, stirring people. This moment, so that life is eternal. Reporter: Liao Yi, Huang Pengfei

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