Xi Jinping: Relocation of Relief and Relief to Realize Sustainable Development

Xi Jinping came to Qinghai Province Ecological Environment Monitoring Center
Xi Jinping rain to study the relocation of poverty relocation of the new village Xi Jinping general secretary 23rd morning to the Haidong City Mutual Tu Autonomous County fifty town Ban Yan village, study the relocation of poverty alleviation of the village construction. In the construction of the new site, Xi Jinping braved the drizzle, walked through the muddy road has not yet completed, came to the villagers Lu Youzhang new home, look at the housing structure, understand the progress of construction, concerned about the heating effect of kang kang. Ban Yan village old village in the living conditions are very bad areas, the mountains unreasonable tap water, the villagers are using the pit water. See the new home of the yard two bucket installed on the water, Xi Jinping said, the village of water, electricity, communication are convenient, and hope that the villagers passed the better. Xi Jinping: relocation of poverty alleviation is not only to improve the living conditions, but also to achieve sustainable development Xi Jinping carefully read the village of villagers Lu Youjia "poverty alleviation manual" and "poor households accurate management manual", to understand their move into the village after the Production, migrant workers, children go to school and other aspects of the intention, ask the family to help the project is satisfied. General Secretary said, must be easy to relocate the relocation of the project construction, quality and quantity so that the villagers moved into new homes. Everyone lives settled down, the poverty alleviation measures to keep up with the production up. Xi Jinping: Prohibited the development is not hinder the development but is conducive to the development of 23 pm, Xi Jinping came to Qinghai Province, the ecological environment monitoring center, through the remote video surveillance system to view hundreds of kilometers outside the Sanjiangyuan area ecological protection real-time picture. In the same age with the Yellow River Eling Lake - Zaling Lake, Angsay Lancang River Grand Canyon front line of ecological management and grassroots cadres video connection, Xi Jinping detailed understanding of the ecological award to pay, the ecological management staff manpower, snow leopard and other wildlife protection Situation, and wish the Sanjiangyuan area people living in various ethnic groups well-being and well-being. Xi Jinping pointed out that "China Water Tower" is the source of life of the country, to protect the Sanjiangyuan, the development of the Chinese nation is essential. Qinghai Province is responsible for building the national ecological barrier important responsibility. Practice has proved that in the Sanjiangyuan area to limit or prohibit the development, not hinder the development, it is conducive to development. Xi Jinping hope that the ecological management and care workers to fulfill their duties, to complete the protection task, I hope all levels of party committees and governments to further explore and improve the national park system pilot, and effectively protect the Sanjiangyuan ecological environment. Xi Jinping: PV industry is a major pillar industry in Qinghai 23th afternoon, Xi Jinping came to the national electric investment Solar Power Co., Ltd. Xining Branch, Qinghai Province, relying on the advantages of natural resources to develop clean energy, promote the development of photovoltaic industry chain. Xi Jinping into the solar cell production workshop, picked up a solar panel carefully to see, understand the battery manufacturing process, working principle. Xi Jinping stressed that Qinghai should seize the talent, technology, capital and other key links, the development of photovoltaic all-in-one industry chain, so that clean energy better for the benefit of the people. (Text / Xinhua News Agency reporter Huo Xiaoguang, photography / Xinhua News Agency reporter Lan Hongguang, Pang Xinglei Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua point of view" microblogging reported)

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